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Tshombye Kentrell Ware was raised in Albany, Ga. In his earlier years, signs of the gift emerged through various arts. As the years progressed, so did his creativity, whereas he moved to the city of Macon, Ga. A few years later, following graduation of high school, everything changed when Christ entered his life. As if the lock to a rare treasure was opened, Kentrell launched forward in the spiral of inspiration, fueled by a burning passion of the gospel. This leading to the creation of a Christian CD entitled "L.O.C" The Love of Christ. As the door to inspiration continued to open, Kentrell became drawn toward writing; which led to his inspired creations.

T.K. Ware’s style of writing brings a fresh perspective of faith-based books, in which he calls, Suspense with Soul. His inspired writings weave together reality with the supernatural, in hope to plant a seed of the gospel. He currently lives in Troy, Al.

DJaniera K. Hines

DJaniera K. Hines is young woman with a heart of determination, seeking to inspire others with comforting words through her experiences.

At such a young age, Djaniera's life has been struck with many experiences. Within each challenge, portions of knowledge and wisdom poured into her soul. She currently lives in Albany, Ga.

George A. Stringer

George A. Stringer is young man with a heart of compassion, seeking to inspiring others through his fictional stories of hope. Everything he has accomplished is due to his relationship with Christ. He currently lives in Brantley, Alabama.

Sharon D. Clemmons

Sharon Denise Clemmons is a new author/poet. She has experienced many hardships, which she has been blessed to overcome. Throughout her life experiences, Sharon has always been passionate about writing. Though she has been writing for several years, in 2017 she decided to pursue her passion more in depth. While being a wife, mother of three, and working full time, she still finds time to write. She is also currently pursuing a degree in Human Services from Purdue University Global.

From an early age, Sharon has always known that she was destined to help others. She is seeking to inspire and encourage others through her poetry. Her upcoming book, (A Journey of Inspiration: A Collection of Poetic Expressions) is her very first project, published by Insightful Creation Publications. Sharon currently resides in Greenville, Alabama.

Ray Leverette

RAY LEVERETTE is a man infused with determination and ambition, He is destined to demonstrate his faith through the art of literature. While growing up in Brundidge, Al., his mother taught him the value of hard work, accomplishing goals, and to never quit regardless of the circumstance. During elementary in Junior High, he learned to embrace his gift of writing by creating love letters for his peers in exchange for snack money.

By his sophomore year, he landed his first writing job at Brundidge Beacon and continued on through college. Forfeiting to pursue a writing career, the essence of writing remained while he worked in the Gas and Energy Field for companies such as BP and Edison Chouest Offshore.

In, 2009 the birth of Rise Above All rose. In Tucson, Arizona, he wrote the story, piece by piece in hope. In November 2010 he was rushed to Saint Joseph Hospital and nearly lost his life. After coming back from the gateway of life and death, the creation of Rise Above All emerged.

Rise Above All was inspired by his angel,

Rhealyn Saballa Danao

Nastassia Muhammad 

Nastassia Muhammad is an Author, Blogger, Songstress, Mentor and Corporate Training Professional. Born and raised as an inner-city youth in the city of Chicago, she began her walk with God at an early age.

 Growing up in her high school years, Nastassia had the opportunity to cultivate her gift of song, starting as a section leader in her high school gospel choir. She continued to build upon her gift of song, through the opportunity to sing with various praise teams as well as become a praise & worship leader for several ministries. She's also had the opportunity to work with aspiring gospel artists in the city of Chicago and other cities.

Amongst other gifts and talents, she has spoken in church venues and acted in many church play productions. And now, her vision has been birthed to become the author of this book and creator of the blog site "This Tedious Journey" which was launched this year.

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