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Franka Gillian is a wife, mother, educator and woman that loves God! She believes in constant learning and improvement and applies excellence towards everything she touches.

Franka draws strength from edifying others and encouraging them towards a place of excellence. To that end, she consistently cultivates a culture of continuous learning and advancement with every relationship that she encounters. Franka’s vision is to see the world of football change to include the brilliant women that can!

Change is coming and it’s about time!


Men have been in control as leaders in almost every line of work, and have overwhelmingly serve as head coaches in the field of male professional sports. They have even served as head coaches in women’s sports. In contrast, women have not been head coaches in many male dominated sports. In one of the most visible and exciting sport, the National Football League (NFL), a woman has never served in the role of head coach and that needs to change.

This book tells the remarkable story about how one woman struggles to be considered as an equal for her football coaching skills and abilities. Is this the time for things to change for women in the world of American Football? Will we see the immersion of the first female head coach in the NFL? Will she earn the right to insert herself into that male dominated arena? 

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