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"I chose a 5 star rating because I simply love this book. While reading the book I could picture a movie playing in my mind. I love the message behind the story. It's about the life you live as a sinner and how important it is to get to know Jesus before you get into a situation where there is no hope left. I think everyone can relate to this book its not only for Christians but its for everyone. I think as human beings we tend to forget that there is a God and we just live life anyhow without keeping in mind there is life after death (eternity). The book emphasis about lifestyle, especially as a Believer in Christ how you should live a pure and acceptable life unto Christ, because they are people who are watching you as a example without you even being aware. I can relate to this book because I was also faced with a up close and personal experience in life that drew me closer to God.

My favorite text in this book is; " With the way the world is going and death striking here and there, its not good to be caught dipping in and out of sin". I encourage everyone who is interested in getting to know God to purchase this book its for everyone's reading pleasure. I'll can't waiting for the rest of the up close and personal series." -Jackeline Mardenborough- Amsterdam

"I read this book via Kindle. This is truly a suspense filled book. The descriptive way of how the author describes the characters, their emotions and the setting is amazing. You feel as though you are sitting right there with them seeing what they are seeing and feeling what they are feeling. Each chapter of this book has a way of drawing you in and keeping you at the edge of your seat. Just wondering what else is around the corner. After reading this book it really gets your attention and does make you think. I am definitely looking forward to the second book in this series. I would highly recommend this book."

"Whether you are a Christian or not, this powerful and impacting book needs to be read! This is a gripping story based on the Biblical truth of hell, and its horrendous eternal reality for all who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and also those who profess to be Christians but who are not living their lives according to God's Holy Word. The Author has written it in lots of short chapters which make it so easy to read that you don't want to put the book down! I read this in less than a day! The story builds up gently but then unfolds into dramatic and catastrophic situations which could happen to any one of us at any moment, which is why the story has the urgent message of the need for confession and repentance, and faith in Jesus Christ before we draw our last breath. As none of us know whether or not our life will end suddenly, the biblical message of this book is vital.

The Author has skillfully included the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ into this powerful and gripping novel. It is absorbing, right to the very end....where there is an amazing twist in the story which will keep you in suspense until you are able to get hold of the next book in the series!

Well done T.K Ware! I will be ordering the next book!" Author UK Michele Neal

The Letters of WARNING

What if you caught a glimpse into the future? 

Do you believe in the afterlife? 

They say, warning comes before destruction. In the town of Canten, the gates of eternity opened. Call it a premonition of some sort, Larry Isree had a gift. He saw the glory and horror that lies beyond the gateway of eternity. 

Each individual wrote a letter of testimony in hope to warn others.




The words, “I should’ve prayed that day ....” echoed in Thomas’ mind the day after everything happened.

In the small town of Canten, Missouri, a storm of calamity crept into the city. A group of people’s lives One night, a horrible event started a domino effect that opened the door to eternity.

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